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Chun Yip Plastics Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of disposable articles for household, medical and food industries, retail and institutions. We offer a diverse range of products and we are dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers at a consistent level. With a corpo   rate culture that emphasizes both social responsibility and commitment to excellence, we continuously adhered to our business principles which always place our customers' interests first.

Through innovation and advanced technology, combined with our large scale capacity and commitment to service, we wish to provide our customers with quality, value and complete customer satisfaction.

Let us work with you to achieve fruitful results.

SGS BRC Certificate 2008
       SKS Certificate


Garbage Bag

Colour, printing, size and specification can be made to order according to customeColour, printing, size and specification can be made to order according to customers' requirements. Used widely in hospitals, public utilities, households and supermarkets.

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